2014-15 Annual Report

From August 1, 2014 to July 31, 2015, the Title IX Office (now part of the Office for Civil Rights and Title IX) received reports regarding 328 individuals who allegedly experienced sex discrimination perpetrated by students or by third parties against students. Several individuals experienced more than one incident so we received reports of 332 potential incidents of discrimination that we categorized into 374 alleged policy violations. Almost half of the alleged victims, 162 of our students received accommodations while working with the Title IX Office. It is encouraging that the Title IX Office was able to support so many students with accommodations in its first year. It speaks to the trust that we are building with the community.

Of the 332 reported incidents, 33 reports were resolved using the Equity Resolution Process. In only two instances did the University act as the complainant and pursue an investigation.  Of the 33 reports resolved using the Equity Resolution Process, 6 were dismissed at summary resolution, 12 were addressed using conflict resolution, 7 were resolved using informal resolution, and 5 were resolved with a hearing panel (formal resolution). Of the 12 matters that were resolved by formal or informal resolution, 8 students were found responsible for violating university policy and 4 students were found not responsible. Upon final disposition, in other words after appeal, seven students were suspended and 1 student received other sanctions. No students were expelled.

Prevention & Accommodation

Sex discrimination – including sex-based violence – occurs at the University of Missouri and on college campuses across the country. We wish that no one had to endure these types of behaviors, but we are encouraged that the Mizzou community is regularly engaging with the Title IX Office when they do.

In the past year, our office has worked closely with many departments and offices on campus to stop sex discrimination and prevent its occurrence and/or reoccurrence. The Title IX Office has responded to allegations of sex discrimination through educational panels, presentations, disciplinary proceedings and conflict resolution. We also have provided numerous students with the resources, support, and accommodations they need to stay in school.

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