As of August 14, 2020, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights requires all institutions receiving federal funds to make publicly available all materials used to train Title IX Coordinators, Investigators, and Decision-makers. 

Note that our team engages in other professional development on a regular basis, beyond these targeted trainings, including various webinars, seminars, workshops, articles, videos, CLE (continuing legal education) events, and group discussions on relevant topics.

OIE Leadership

Recent (since 2020) relevant trainings are listed below:

Andy Hayes, JD, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Title IX Coordinator

Amber Lammers, JD, Director of Investigations; Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Mindy Wirges, MPA, JD, Senior Investigator and Compliance Manager


Recent (since 2020) relevant trainings for our staff are listed below.

Ross Brown, JD, MA, Equity Consultant and Investigator

Kelsey Forqueran, JD, MA, Investigator and Outreach Coordinator

Julia Stensby, JD, Equity Consultant and Investigator (since June 2021)

Heidi Shearer, MA, Equity Consultant and Investigator (since April 2022)

Alison Houston, Equity Consultant and Investigator (since July 2022)

Decision-Makers, Advisors, Support Persons

Equity and Title IX Volunteer Training

Appellate Officer Training

Title IX Hearing Officer and Appointed Advisor Training

Trained Support Persons